Roaring waves on Sosua's main beach. Playa Sosua


There are many miracles in life. All you have to do is be open to them. Follow the path to the end, see what is to be seen, even if you have to go back. Open your heart, soul, and being to the experience and don't hold back. Dance, if you feel the rhythm. Sing, even if you don't have words. Stop and look at the little things in life. Even better, pick them up and make art of them. Always be willing to do something to help. We can change the world with our love, one soul at a time.

These are some of the miracles that open up to us every day.

We cannot speak of ourselves without mention of nature. Whether it be in Isreal in the desert, or roaming the forests of Canada, or exploring the jungle and seaside in the Dominican Republic... Nature renews us.


These are the legends. The songs sung, the steps taken. Medicine gathered - physical and spiritual. The lives that we have been touched by are as numerous as the stars in the night sky.


Yes, it has changed us, it has made us the women we are today. We are still with a hug (20 seconds please!) and a smile and a song. Moments are precious to us. Each one a meditation on love, of the self, and of others, and of all the animals and plants, rocks and trees.


Then there is the water. We take energy with us wherever we go. But we recharge our energy from the water. With a deep connection to the power of Atlantis, we gather energy, strength and wisdom and are called to share it with the world.