At your convenience and pleasure. | At home, in nature, wherever you decide.

6 weeks of Nature Within for Individuals

Join us in an intensive series to explore Nature Within. Through Guided Imaginations, reflections and art journaling, we will help you to connect to nature and the inner self over a six week period.
6 weeks of Nature Within for Individuals

Time & Location

At your convenience and pleasure.
At home, in nature, wherever you decide.

About the Event

Our six-week course features Guided Imaginations by Michal Rosenbaum, delivered to your inbox each week for five weeks. The imaginations are a beautiful mix of word, sound and images, designed to help you relax and connect to your NatureWithin.

Each week you will also be sent a series of emails with additional resources, including links to music, art journaling prompts, and other exercises curated by Kimberly Thomas.

Our final week's class will be scheduled during the 6th week at a time convenient to you, where Michal and Kimberly will meet with you, via video-conferencing, and discuss your progress and deliver a custom Guided Imagination developed specifically for you. This session will be recorded and made available to you for future reference, should you wish to repeat the Guided Imagination.

Not only are you going to receive emails, but we look forward to hearing from you. During the six-week course, Michal and Kimberly are at your service to answer questions, help explore issues that arise, and provide whatever support you need to get the most from this series.

We are also including up to 30 minutes of individual support via video-conferencing during the six-week period. (This is a 120$ value included for free with your course registration.)

Both Michal and Kimberly are experienced in healing and treatment using the energy of the universe, and connecting with our soul's purpose in life. We look forward to supporting you on this journey.

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