Each Individual Workshop Series consists of the following:


Through a series of six weekly communications, you will be instructed through Guided Imaginations, art and photography, sharing music, and other activities. You will receive a series of emails each week.


In the first email , we will include tips on finding time for the program, but from there it is all up to you.  


Your second email of the week will include a link to a Guided Imagination by Michal Rosenbaum. You will have the choice of an audio only version, or one with images aligned to the Guided Imagination.

Finally, just in time for the weekend, we share a third email with suggestions for journaling, art projects and music all related to the theme of the week. Whether you are a seasoned artist or a beginner, these activities are designed to open up your connection to nature and begin exploring, using your imagination and creativity as a guide.

As you progress through your journey we also offer your inclusion in an exclusive Facebook Group, set up solely for participants of this course. With this Facebook Group, you can share your experiences, preview one another’s art and share supportive materials. This group is curated by Kimberly Thomas who will be the host and animator!

In addition to receiving emails from us, we are available for consultation throughout this process. Our course fee includes up to thirty minutes of on-line consultation (via Skype or Zoom) and access to both Kimberly Thomas and Michal Rosenbaum through e-mail throughout the five week period of the course.


Finally each person participating in this series will have the opportunity to meet via Zoom with the workshop hosts – Michal Rosenbaum and Kimberly Thomas for a special one hour session during which you will receive a custom Guided Imagination developed specifically for you. These special 6th week sessions will be scheduled individually.


You can get our special introductory price of $99 USD, payable as a one time, up front fee.  In exchange for this great deal, all we ask is that you participate in a follow-up call and evaluation survey. Register Here.


We accept Paypal and through Paypal, all major credit cards.  Please note that refunds will be negotiated only if there is an irreconcilable problem with the program. Talk to us, we’re open and flexible people, let us see what we can do for you first.