photo of Michal Rosenbaum at work



I am Michal Rosenbaum, a coach for children, youth and adults; providing counselling to help balance mind and body for success, fulfillment and personal growth. 

Life is a collection of stories. Through the stories we learn, teach, give and receive inspiration. This is a part of my story.  

Since childhood, I have found a connection in nature to a power that allowed me to understand the universal law that works on the body, the mind and the spirit.

Throughout my life I have lived through long periods of duality: on the one hand, I lived my life contrary to convention and expectation from me both in the way of my life and in the choices, I made during my life. On the other hand, I experienced my life with existential insecurity. 


I began the journey of my life as a sad child who found comfort in nature. Later, as a girl who is constantly doing and giving, constantly exploring the worlds of spirit and creativity, but disconnected from herself. 

At school I experienced the dyslexic experience that the teacher does not recognize the difficulty / potential and instead embarrasses me in front of the whole class. The point of light during this period was my connection to the teacher of creativity. 


This experience led me to engage in education, out of a mission and a strong desire to change the attitude. 

I started my studies after the army as an art teacher. I taught in the informal education system, in various projects, with art as the tool to reach the children and young souls. I continued my master's degree in experiential education. 


In my personal life I experienced a depressing and oppressive relationship that sharpened and deepened the duality I lived in. And again, on the one hand outside the home in constant action and giving, leads groundbreaking educational projects and on the other hand at home complete self-cancellation. 


A series of road accidents (seven…) made me stop and look at my life from another perspective. And only when I was ready to give up everything and everyone, I discover the powers that lay in me and set out on the journey back to myself. 


During the journey I combined studies to my healing and growth process to consciously connect to my abilities. 

Studies included: 

  • Anthroposophical Education 

  • Master Reiki 

  • Previous incarnations treatment 

  • Guided Imagery 

  • Channeling 

  • Creation frequencies (Tools of the New Age) 

  • Energy flushing according to Dr. Nader Bhutto 


Today I am aware that all my experiences have come to prepare me and give me tools to be the therapist and mentor I am today. 


I always say that "The first doctor that is with each of us from birth is our imagination. This is the healing ability that exists within. It doesn't matter our physical condition or age, we can always decide to turn back to ourselves." 

In this way there is only success by learning, training and perseverance. Everyone has their own pace and way. 

I'd be happy to be your partner on your way.