Photo Club by Photochik

Providing a small group of people with the opportunity to share their realities using simple tools to make big changes in their life.


By sharing images we make each week, we will explore other world views and perspectives in a guided exploration of a series of topics.


  • Week One. FIRST SHOTS.

  • What defines you? FOCUS.

  • How does changing our perspective change our view? PERSPECTIVES.

  • What is your favourite colour? Why? COLOUR.

  • How does what surrounds us influence us? FRAMING.

  • What moves you? MOTION.

GOAL. To capture what you see in the world around you in your own most real format.

WHO?  Anyone with access to the internet and a digital camera (the one on your phone is perfect.) 

WHAT?  Every week you will be mailed a prompt and a reminder. You have until 5:00 pm on the Saturday prior to the Sunday call to submit 5 photos to share. On Sunday afternoon we will have an exposition and discussion of the process.

WHERE?  We will meet weekly using the Zoom meeting platform and prior to that you will be using our web page to submit your images.

WHEN?  Our first group meeting will be May 2, 2021 so register now. 

HOW?  Detailed instructions will be shared with your introductory email.

                   Click here to join.