Beloved Girls (Women of the World Unite)

by Michal Rosenbaum

Beloved Girls,

The knowledge I work with describes how we recreate "Egypt" within us all of the time.

Slavery and difficulty are what we carry from our previous reincarnations and from the generations that come before us. The dichotomy is between our daily life and the call of the soul.

This is the duality we live in.

Slavery and difficulty are patterns we carry from reincarnation and generations before us.

Slavery is to be slaves to our lives, (today everyone wants to return to the slavery before Covid19 because this is the one they know...)

Slavery is also: The need to hurry, to achieve, to feel guilt, to criticize to judge, to feel anger....

The ten plagues came to wake us up And enlighten for us and in us The place of easiness.

Each one from where they are and from the soul’s direction.

And there is also our soul’s willingness to go out to freedom and to be.

To be in patience - to ourselves, to others and to the processes ... To be in tolerance - the ability of containing us, others and situations To be in Happiness – to Magnetize the easiness To be in action - creative and precise.

And how do we do this?

First of all with music 🎶

So I send a lovely song with strong lyrics for the exaltation of the soul

Happy Passover/Awakening World With love from Michal Rosenbaum

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