What is your story?

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Have you ever noticed that all the people in your life like sharing the same stories over and over again. I think we notice this repetition because we are really listening, because here is the thing. We all do it. We all repeat what we think makes us interesting in an ongoing narrative that we build for ourselves.

There is nothing alarming about this. We almost have to do it, it is how we get through the day, interacting constantly with other people’s narratives.

I’ve got something to consider here, a simple question: are you mindful of your own narrative - are you focussed on the positive in your lives? Are we talking about successes or is our narrative a litany of the woes of our lives? A good friend once observed “we are all wounded warriors, let us talk of our successes!” And to me this is sound advice.

Take a moment and listen to your own narrative. What are you presenting to the world? Is it a message of the good things you experience? Consider this as you prepare yourself for the day. Will you be the wounded or the warrior?

As a further thing to reflect on those times when you go outside the narrative. You know the times, with good friends, where the masks are off and the narrative stops. Then we get down to our real stories. Our thoughts on issues. These are the times to cherish.

Take a moment to reflect on the freedom of those moments and perhaps wonder. What if you met the world without that narrative? What if you interacted with your co-workers in the moment? When you are greeted by a “how are you?” respond with an honest, positive answer.

Perhaps it is a lot to consider all at once. Begin with looking at your story? What are you telling the world about yourself?

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