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I am a writer. My natural curiosity compels me to ask questions. Am I a writer? Or maybe a righter? The answers take me on research quests that lead me all over the internet and the planet. Being a digital nomad has allowed me to continue my bohemian lifestyle quest for ever more questions to ask and ever more adventures to write about. I am a writer because I write, as many do. I feel that the “righter” is my authentic self expressing the mission I am here to complete. I “right” (indulge me by accepting this exquisite adjective as a verb) by recognizing, awakening, and creating the conditions for my Writer’s Voice to bravely enter into flow “emergineering” (by balancing Discipline and Surrender) expression (thought and emotion) into prose and poetry, softly righting the crookedness, in my wake.

Khristiane Woods
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