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What we have created here is a place to share nature. It is a place of offering, a place to feel safe, and a place to meet other spiritual beings living a human existence. Through our communications and postings here we seek to engage with the souls who have heard the call of nature and are seeking an outlet.

Through images and words, we will explore topics that may be of interest to you. Here is where you come in: we invite you to share your ideas with this community through comments and discussions.

Our intent is to create a space where some souls will sing to you and friendships will develop. And to do that you have to visit our community here, or join the discussion on Facebook.

This is a place to learn and become more aware of the natural world. Regardless of where you live. We are connected. We are connected to the earth, the sky, the water and even to the fire that burns inside of all of us.

All of this is on offering here at our website.

Kimberly Thomas
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