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The Power of Imagination

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Michal Rosenbaum

The first doctor that is with each of us from birth is our imagination. This is the healing ability that exists within. It doesn't matter our physical condition or age, we can always decide to turn back to ourselves.


In this method, there is only success by learning and perseverance. And everyone has their own pace.


All of our memories are imprinted in the subconscious. From the present life, from our previous lives, from the collective memory, from the culture around us, and the from the memory of human kind.


These memories are experiences and these memories affect our daily lives. They create barriers that affect us emotionally and physically. They influence our interactions and can also be the strength with which we greet the day.


It begins with experiences. An experience creates memory, and an experience can change the memory.


By using our imagination, we can create an experience. This imagined experience will change the experience that detains us from connecting to our strengths, and to our higher self. This is the divine part within us which guides us on the journey on earth to accuracy, fulfillment, and joy.


With imagination and created experiences we can cure diseases. From the occasional headache to serious diagnoses. In three separate cases I gave exercises in guided imagination and energy-based treatment to cancer patients at the initial stage, and the cancer was gone.


About 20 years ago I had a car accident. After about ten months, most of which I laid in bed, I began the healing journey that lasted many years. I refused surgeries (I had ten vertebrae injured in my back), at every stage I used another method to heal my body, but every time, I did my part with imagination. 


When I became mobile, but was still inflicted with a lot of pain, I moved to the desert. Every day I went for a walk. Walking in the desert on top of rocks was very hard for me. Until I came up with the solution. While I was walking, I imagined I was walking on olives and from stepping on the olives, oil would come out. I imagined the oil coming in through my feet and slowly, slowly in each step, climbing up and greasing all my joints. The oil, I imagined, entered and permeated the vertebra. I imagined the oil in the spine greasing my vertebrae and making them more and more flexible. Within two months I was taking 10-kilometer walks.

Many doctors from around the world combine meditations of guided imagery in healing processes. Dr. Ian Gawler from Australia wrote the book "You Can Conquer Cancer – A New Way of Living" in 1984. This method of positive visualization and the use of the imagination has become an important part of therapies for many as they face serious illnesses. Dr. Gawler prescribes a course of guided imagery meditations, nutritional change, and changing the way of thinking, to positive thinking, to help treat and cure cancer.


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